About DFWConnectARide

DFWConnectARide is a real-time ridesharing website that allows you to connect with other interested carpool participants in North Central Texas through the use of your mobile device or home computer.

  1. 1. Is it free?

    Yes, there is no cost to use the website.

  2. 2. How does it work?

    Simply create an account in DFWConnectARide. Fill out your personal information and see your ridematches instantly!

  3. 3. How is this different from TryParkingIt.com rideshare feature?

    Finding a carpool match in DFWConnectARide is made in “real-time”. Meaning that you can connect with your ridematch faster.

  4. 4. Is there an app available for download?

    No, there are no apps available for download at this time.

  5. 5. Is my information safe?

    User privacy is very important to us. We are committed to your privacy and security, and strive to provide the best possible user experience for our users and customers. To learn more about your privacy click here.

  6. 6. Who administers DFWConnectARide?

    This program is managed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments as part of the Federal Highway Administration Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP).

Contact Us

North Central Texas Council Of Governments
616 Six Flags Drive, Centerpoint Two
P.O. Box 5888, Arlington, TX 76005-5888

For more information, call Sonya Landrum (817) 695-9273 or e-mail DFWConnectARide@nctcog.org.